Title Insurance

What title insurance does

When you come for your signing appointment, we will confirm with you whether you want to purchase title insurance, and if so, what kind.

Title insurance is different than proproperty insurance. Property insurance covers damages or losses incurred to the physical aspects of the property, such as floods or fires. Title insurance can cover you for legal issues or defects, such as:

  • zoning bylaws
  • setback violations
  • fraud or forgery
  • lack of legal access to the property
  • failure to obtain permits
  • tax or utilities accounts in arrears

Owner vs. lender policies

Title insurance comes in two parts - the lender policy and the owner policy. You buy title insurance at the time you buy the property, and the policy generally lasts for the length of time you have the mortgage registered on title to the property.

If you are using a lender when you buy real property, your lender will very likely insist that we order the policy for the lender. You have a choice as to whether you want to also buy the owner's policy.

We are not insurance agents, and so cannot give you advice on the extent or sufficiency of the owner's title insurance policy - for more information on these policies, we recommend you contact the companies that provide title insurance.

Title insurance companies

Here are the more common title insurance companies for you to check out: