Real Property


Conveyancing is the process of exchanging title for money, following a number of set procedures.

Whether your home is a single family dwelling, a strata or a manufactured home, on freehold or leased land, we can help you with the legal documents you need to:

  • buy or sell your home
  • finance or re-finance your property
  • transmit the property into the name of a surviving joint tenant
  • add or remove people from your title
  • put your property into joint tenancy with someone else
  • draft, sign or register covenants, easements, and rights of way
  • subdivide property, including preparing documents and obtaining signatures required by the preliminary layout approval and registration of all necessary plans and accompanying documents at the Land Title Office

We can also help you with commercial real property leasing, financing and purchase transactions.

Can you give legal advice?

Yes, we can and must give you legal advice on real property issues, so you can be assured you will get the professional services you need.

Can you go to court for me if something goes wrong?

Worried about whether we can go to court or not for you if something goes wrong?


First, we have been doing this for a long time, and it's rare for a transaction to go so wrong that it ends up in court.

Second, if the worst happens, and you need to go to court, we will refer you to a specialist litigator. In the same way that you would never ask your wonderful family dentist to do advanced orthodontics or prosthetics, you don't want to use a general solicitor for this specialist litigation.

Third, if your transaction has fallen apart because of a mistake by your lawyer, that lawyer cannot represent you in court because they will be in a conflict of interest. How will they protect your interests when they have already been the cause of the problems that landed you in court?

What kinds of property can you help me with?

We can deal with property in the BC Land Title System, the Manufactured Home Registry and First Nations land registries as well.

Can you help me with an unusual situation?

With decades of combined experience, our notaries have seen an astonishing amount of transactions, from normal to extraordinary.

We can also assist you if you are a:

  • first time homebuyer
  • adding a family member on title
  • removing a family member from title
  • transmitting property into the name of a surviving joint tenant
  • dividing assets in a separation
  • refinancing
  • dealing with stratas, individual homes, leaseholds and other types of home ownerships

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